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I’m Ana Stevanović

I felt both the pain and frustration of transformation and I know the face of struggle inside out. I worked in my dad’s business already at the age of seven. I know how it feels working in a private dental office but sleeping on the floor of your bosses living room. I know how it feels attending top business school and still not having money for three meals a day. I also know traveling the world, leading big projects, getting to know amazing business owners and learning from and working with them.

Part of my expertise grows out of my experiences as a best-selling author, a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDM) with a Master’s in Healthcare Management, Economics, & Policy (MHMEP), and a certified Proctor Gallagher Institute consultant. But the biggest part comes from experiencing and overcoming adversity.

Before starting my coaching business in 2017, I had already spent several years in the global healthcare business, developing two different educational brands. These are now part of educational courses in over 60 countries. My job was taking care of key opinion leaders and corporate stakeholders, and it is a level where the stakes are high, and without a good personal management strategy, the costs are high, too.

But my true growth and the success came from one thing: learning how to think. If I needed to choose one thing in life to learn, that is the one I would choose again, every single time.

This is why teach and coach fundamentals of mindset today. And I do it for CEOs, managers, dentists, leaders worldwide. Because I believe that if we learn who we are and how to think, we can do more, get more and most importantly, be more, for us and the world around us.

I will never bullshit you. I will never sell you fearlessness and painlessness, because I don’t believe in those. I believe that we get out there because there is a goal that matters to us, we learn to love the process, and we get to experience all the emotions that come with it. But we do it regardless. Because it is important to us. And because we can do hard things.

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The Process

Step 1: Discuss

An exploration call to find out your needs, who should be involved in training and what kind of training you need.

Step 2: Sample

We organize a small workshop or a session for you (and your team) so you can get a taste of the training system

Step 3: Onboard

When you find yourself satisfied with the results of the session/workshop, we fully onboard you (and your team) into the training program of your choice.

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