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You don't have to choose betweengrowing your business or growing your people.I help you do both.

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Whether you are leveling yourself up, your team, or your clients, it’s always a process of change. You don’t have to navigate that change alone. I’m here to help.

I know change inside and out. I’ve lived in 3 different countries and transitioned twice in my career. I know two extremes of living – war and prosperity. Working as a manager, trainer, and international speaker in the global healthcare business, I’ve led change. Through almost 20 years of practicing martial arts, I’ve deeply learned to share the transformational power of self-mastery.

I take all the skills and expertise from these experiences and connect to your needs exactly where you are.

That makes me a great coach.


of my clients achieved at least one important goal they set using their personal blueprint while working with me.


of my clients achieved significantly better results after working with me.


of my clients improved their mindset and goal-achieving habits through working with me.


of my clients would recommend my program to their friends and colleagues.

Beginner With a Black Belt

There is nothing glorious or elegant about the process you must go through on the road to your vision. The glory comes in knowing who you have become thanks to the process itself.

Beginner with a Black Belt is a story of strength, survival, and courage.

This book is an inspiring and insightful take on how you can become the master of your own life journey. It is a brilliant blend of lessons learned through the struggles of life and lessons learned in Bujinkan (a practice of ancient Japanese martial arts). Ranked as a 7th Dan in Bujinkan, I understand the meaning of hard work. After discovering the three most important questions on the road to self-mastery, I set out on a mission to find my answers.

Interconnecting the different cultures that impacted my own life, I combined the teachings of East and West in order to overcome immense obstacles and define my own values.

Regardless of where you are in your life, the important principles and illuminating message communicated in this book serve as a point of direction for anyone seeking a more purposeful existence.

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    - Giana Spasic, Director Prof Relations / Regional Sales Director @HuFriedy Group

    Positive, enthusiastic, supportive, trusting, focused, knowledgeable, respectful, patient and a clear communicator. Super inspired by Ana Stevanović DMD MSc, who moved my team and me towards reaching our goals through an interactive workshop. Thank you Ana!

      - Dragana Mumalo, Global Quality Manager @ Roche, MSc, ieMBA HSG

      Ana brings along fine combination of theory and praxis with future oriented advice, where you are constantly reminded that you will always find the people, ideas, roads and sources to your goal once you make a decision and develop a belief that you can achieve it.

        - Hanan Abdalla RDH, President @UAE dental hygienist club

        Working with Ana helped me clarify my goals and vision of success, develop a winning mindset and take inspired action to achieve my goals.

          - Dr Camelia Roman, Owner @ private praxis

          Ana makes you face your fears and insecurities and guides you to the confidence you need to understand that you have potential to be the change you want to see in the world.

            - Milena Dostanic, Lead Design Architect @Aurora Real Estate Development

            Have you ever had a coach who opened your eyes and helped you to discover your big goal and live it? No? Then Ana is a person you are looking for.

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