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Knowing you could be doing much better than you currently are but not knowing how causes frustration. With time that leads to feeling stuck or feeling like a victim of circumstances, and that is the worst place you can find yourself in. And lets face it – you were meant for more. The time has come for you to do something about your results.

Let us talk about you getting back in charge!

What stands between you and your next level: building a career you care about, having more time and money, losing the feeling of worry or anxiety? The thing standing in your way is your own paradigm. Once you succeed in changing it, you get to achieve your goals, but even more than that – you get to experience personal freedom. And this is what we all deserve – live our life with and on purpose.  This is what changed lives of my employees in corporate world, my students in martial arts classes and my coaching clients. Schedule a 30 minute strategy session and let us discover together what it takes to get you and your team from where you are today to where you truly aspire to be. 

About Me

After growing up in Serbia and studying in Italy, life took me to Luzern, Switzerland where I lead Global Professional Education in oral care industry, developing two different educational brands that are part of educational courses in over 60 countries.

Next to my corporate career I am certified Proctor Gallagher Institute consultant and I am helping individuals and organisations take their results to the next level. Some of my clients are CEOs, Key Account Directors, Senior Managers, and University staff.

I am passionate about education and I spoke in more than 20 countries on the topics on oral health and prevention, education and human development.

For more than fifteen years I am a martial arts student and currently training in Bujinkan Dojo Zürich. I am ranked 7th Dan in Bujinkan.

In November 2020 I published a book “Beginner With a Black Belt” that became international bestseller.

There is nothing glorious or elegant about the process you must go through on the road to your vision. The glory comes in knowing who you have become thanks to the process itself.

International bestseller “Beginner with a Black Belt” is a story of strength, survival, and courage.

In this inspiring and insightful take on how one can become the master of their own life journey, readers are presented with a brilliant blend of lessons learned through the struggles of life and lessons learned in Bujinkan (a practice of ancient Japanese martial arts). After living in several different countries and having several different professions, author discovered the three most important questions on the road to self-mastery and shared them in this book.

Regardless of one’s status in life, the important principles and illuminating message communicated in this book can serve as a point of direction for anyone seeking a more purposeful existence.

“I was so blessed to have Ana Stevanović in the very first workshop I ever gave. She was a wonderful teacher then and she is a wonderful teacher now. In this concise, illuminating book, she guides us through her own inspiring journey that combines the ancient Japanese martial art of Bujinkan with personal development. It is a combination you dont often find which makes this book so special.”

Pam Grout, #1 New York Times best-selling Author of E-Squared, Thank and Grow Rich, the Course in Miracles Experiment and 17 other books


“Beginner with a Black Belt is a wonderful book that I enjoyed reading very much. It offers a wonderful blend of personal experiences, and life principles. The parallel between self-development and martial arts practices gives it a very unique and refreshing perspective. I loved Ana’s approach to help people improving their lives! An absolute must-read if you are ready to change your habits and better your life.”

Gisele Maxwell, International best-selling Author of Free and Rich Beyond Wealthy

“Ana’s book guides the reader about the importance of the practice, dedication and art behind martial arts and how the many skills and disciplines needed to master life go beyond more than just martial arts. The Author cleverly outlines how her newfound skills on the pathway to her black belt have benefitted her in her everyday life and shows readers the importance of understanding how vital these skills have been in furthering her professional and personal life. A new take on an old art form.”

Peggy McColl, New York Times best-selling Author

“Ana Stevanovic’s journey in life proves that ten two letter words can be your own personal roadmap.
“ If it is to be, it is up to me”. Congratulations as you help people navigate their true potential.”


David Grodski, best-selling Author of The Wisdom of Wellness (WOW).

Client success stories

The guidance that Ana provided throughout the program helped me tremendously to understand the power of our thoughts and the importance of goal setting. I would highly recommend the program for anyone who wants to take their goal settings achievements and personal development journey to the next level.

Mundia Moola Büsser

Senior Manager 

EY, Zürich, Switzerland

If you don’t know what should be next step toward achieving your goals, then Ana is the person you need to talk to. She is very analytical and direct, and with just couple of conversations she helped me focus myself on right things, and results came soon after! Great coach and a great friend. Eternal gratitude to this amazing lady.

Ljubica Rancic

Graphic Designer

Sometimes you need a guide to help you see where you want to go. Once you have that in your mind, you get to become one for yourself with clear vision and confidence. This is what Ana is here to do! Guide you to a better way to become your own guide. This is what changed my life in so many ways and continue to change every day. And for it I am ever so grateful!

Milena Sarenac

Clinical Research Associate II

 “I started cooperation with Ana as a coach in particularly difficult times in my life. I was struggling with my vision – both in company and private life. Then, 12 months later, I remember looking back and I was amazed by the change I underwent with her help. I defined my goals, took ownership over them and found the tools to achieve changes needed in my life. Ana is an amazing coach and a friend and a cooperation with her is truly amazing!”


Dr Peter Dzupa

CEO Petramed


“There is no better motivator than the natural born motivator who lives (very successfully) what she


Irena Mandic MSc

Key Account Director Sudler & Hennessey


“I highly recommend Ana as a coach. Ana is always there to answer my questions and to make sure I understand the process of working towards my goals, which is amazing and life-changing experience for me. I appreciate the valuable knowledge I gained throughout the program and I only wish I knew this information earlier!”


Dr Selma Husejnagic

Universitätszahnklinik MUW


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