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Are You Finding Your Results Are Not Moving In The Direction You Want

and the changes seem to be leading you and not vice versa?

Are you (or your team) stuck in routines that drive similar results again and again?

Are your results far from where you thought your plans would lead you?

Are you tired of investing in training that failed to show how to transform knowledge into outcomes?

Are you ready to know HOW to unlock your potential (and your team)?

Do you want a blueprint for success that demystifies HOW to achieve your biggest goals?

Answered “yes”?

Call for your free exploration call for personalized next steps.

Ways I Can Help You


30-45 minute sessions for audiences of any size filled with knowledge, clarity, and inspiration for setting new goals, strengthening team collaboration, understanding paradigms, and empowering your self image. I am prepared to deliver an engaging experience to any audience.


3-hour to 2-day group training programs on one of the following themes: Goal Setting and Achieving, Bridging the Knowing-Doing Gap, Developing the Image of the Leader

Intensive Trainings

3- to 6-month combined individual and group Thinking into Results training program. This provides the best results. It’s a perfect blueprint for executing all the changes you have to make to achieve your biggest goals.

/ Intensive Trainings

Certified Training Program

Thinking Into Results is an extremely effective and powerful program created by the Proctor Gallagher Institute. More than 20 000 people per year go through this certified training.
The structure of Thinking Into Results, together with my consolidated experience and training, will lead you to significant personal and professional changes, while keeping you in an active and constant state of growth and movement.


Coaching Session

Coaching Session

Twenty-four weekly 60-minute coaching sessions, that will transform your goals into achievements and your dreams into reality, step by step, thought after thought.


Individual Work

Individual Work

In-depth individual work lessons to focus intensively on a single essential element of the concept.


Motivate Yourself

Motivate Yourself

Twelve dynamic digital videos and mp3-downloads to motivate you and reinforce the lesson content at multiple levels of consciousness – a critical key to achieving change quickly and making it permanent.


Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself

PLUS: a 194-page guidebook packed with information, activities and exercises to challenge yourself to immediately apply the learning into your daily life, so you can monitor the change, progress, and observe yourself getting closer to your goals as time go by.

/ Testimonials

My Clients Say

Mundia Moola Büsser
Mundia Moola Büsser

Senior Manager

The guidance that Ana provided throughout the program helped me tremendously to understand the power of our thoughts and the importance of goal setting. I would highly recommend the program for anyone who wants to take their goal settings achievements and personal development journey to the next level.

Ljubica Rancic
Ljubica Rancic

Graphic Designer

If you don’t know what should be next step toward achieving your goals, then Ana is the person you need to talk to. She is very analytical and direct, and with just couple of conversations she helped me focus myself on right things, and results came soon after! Great coach and a great friend. Eternal gratitude to this amazing lady.

Milena Sarenac
Milena Sarenac

Clinical Research Associate II

Sometimes you need a guide to help you see where you want to go. Once you have that in your mind, you get to become one for yourself with clear vision and confidence. This is what Ana is here to do! Guide you to a better way to become your own guide. This is what changed my life in so many ways and continue to change every day. And for it I am ever so grateful!

Dr Peter Dzupa

CEO Petramed

“I started cooperation with Ana as a coach in particularly difficult times in my life. I was struggling with my vision – both in company and private life. Then, 12 months later, I remember looking back and I was amazed by the change I underwent with her help. I defined my goals, took ownership over them and found the tools to achieve changes needed in my life. Ana is an amazing coach and a friend and a cooperation with her is truly amazing!”

Irena Mandic MSc

Key Account Director Sudler & Hennessey

“There is no better motivator than the natural born motivator who lives (very successfully) what she

Dr Selma Husejnagic

Universitätszahnklinik MUW

“I highly recommend Ana as a coach. Ana is always there to answer my questions and to make sure I understand the process of working towards my goals, which is amazing and life-changing experience for me. I appreciate the valuable knowledge I gained throughout the program and I only wish I knew this information earlier!”