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What makes “Beginner with a Black Belt” a great read?


When I published “Beginner With a Black Belt” I was certain that nobody (other than some martial artists) would want read it because of the title. Boy, was I wrong. So I asked the people what makes it such a great read. These are the 5 reasons readers say this book became their favourite read:

  1. It is highly relatable – “Beginner” relates to each one of us. Book destroys those myths of Heroes and shows that each one of us has ability to create and influence their journeys, regardless of who we are or where we come from.
  2. It has interesting stories – “Beginner” tells stories that makes you think. Each story is specially selected to teach the reader more on the certain principle – you can learn how getting punched in a stomach can teach you to learn to let go, or how meeting a man from an enemy army that bombed your country can be enlightening experience where you learn about values.
  3. It is brutally honest – “Beginner With a Black Belt” is an honest read. It tells about the pain and the bruises on the way to worthy goals and how we cannot skip the process that is sometimes painful, and how every success requires sacrifices. Also, it is a great read if you currently experience any sort of failure (there is tons of failures in the book).
  4. It is concise (and practical) – “Beginner” has less than 100 pages. Every principle can be a book on it’s own, but here in only hundred pages you can have a great concise overview that offers something to everyone that read it. There are no blah-blah sentences to fill the void (I am literally quoting a reader here :))
  5. It is inspirational – “Beginner” made people change their jobs, discover new interests, set new goals and enjoy life more. I got many messages from people that the book helped them get the courage to change or brought them hope to go for their dreams.

So if you want a read that is relatable, interesting, brutally honest and inspirational, scroll down (or click here) and get it today.

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Change is inevitable, but personal growth is a choice. – Bob Proctor

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There is nothing glorious or elegant about the process you must go through on the road to your vision. The glory comes in knowing who you have become thanks to the process itself.

Beginner with a Black Belt is a story of strength, survival, and courage.

This book is an inspiring and insightful take on how you can become the master of your own life journey.

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