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Goals, ice-bath, and the mystery of why we climb.


Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.” – Greg Child

Just a few days back I was in an Oslo and just before starting a coaching workshop with the team of Orbdent dental chain, my eyes caught this quote on the computer screen of their patient management system. It was just the perfect quote for the occasion of talking about the secrets of unlocking their true potential.

We spoke about the success and the journey we undertake when it comes to our goals. We spoke of both the importance and the pain of transformation. We mentioned many famous examples of people we know that achieved something significant in their lives. We all know that sometimes is not that easy to connect with all those famous people and their stories. But this is not the only source we should look at when we speak about success. This is why I asked the question: hands up, do you remember the last time you went for a goal, something that was significant for you, and you had no idea how to do it but you went for it anyways?

All hands went up. I asked them to say one word that would describe the feeling undertaking that journey. The answers: fearless, determined, happy, excited, scared, relentless. Then I shared as well: the one thing I felt every time I went for a goal that was important for me was feeling alive

They all smiled and nodded silently. It was the feeling that we all had, because regardless of the journey and the experience, we all share similar emotions that come with taking the road towards our goals. The version of you going for your significant goal feels the same way Oprah felt getting her first talk show or Richard Branson getting his first plane up. It is the same feeling of being alive. And what we most want during our adult life is to feel that way again. And that is the mystery of why we climb!

Workshop ended with a sauna and a nice ice bath (talking about feeling alive when you are in your bathing suit and the piece of ice is floating next to your head :)). It was a perfect ending, and in the same time, for them (and me) it was also a new beginning. I will make sure I keep an eye on them on their new journey of transformation. Reminding them that it will hurt sometimes, but that they will survive and come out feeling alive. Just like getting out from the ice bath after sauna. All wet and victorious.


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Change is inevitable, but personal growth is a choice. – Bob Proctor

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