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How I met Pam Grout


Since I am preparing an interview with a Pam Grout (you know Pam for sure, she is a New York times best selling author, wrote E-squared, E-cubed and Thank and Grow Rich), I will give you here a small background of how I got to know her in the first place.

Year was 2015, February. I heard that she is coming to Switzerland to do her first ever 2 days workshop in Bern. I was still unsure whether I would stay in Switzerland, since as a NON-EU citizen I had my share of problems to get myself a Swiss permit, even with a great job offer (more on that adventure in another blog). But something told me I have to meet a woman that wrote an amazing book (at that time I read only E-squared and this book was a huge success). And don’t we all need a “small course in miracles“, as she calls it?

So I signed up (and somehow my flatmate decided to join in as well), and we were on our way to Bern. Luckily – and I really mean it, only 8 of us signed up for the course! I can only guess that at that time Swiss did not know much about her, so we got to really connect and talk to one other and also to her during the course of two days.

Pam Grout is a specialist when it comes to Law of Attraction, and her books are both charming, funny and educative. I am gonna do a small interview about how her book became a success with just changing a title, what are her tips about using the Law of Attraction and some other things. But this is not it. Some of you will get to ask her a question too. So write me a question and I will pick few best ones and ask her! Good luck!

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