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The power of Focus


When I was starting my coaching business I needed a name and logo for what I would be doing. And I had a friend, a graphic designer, whom I contacted and asked to help me out with the logo design. Good friend as she is (and good professional as well), she started asking what my business was all about. I did try to explain who Bob Proctor was and all around it, but the conversation took soon a very interesting turn. I wanted to explain her on her own example what is this all about so I asked her: If you could have anything you want right now, what would that be?

She paused a bit and said: Ana, you know I am a single mum, I work two jobs. And we rent these places to live in, sometimes old or with mold. I would love to have my own apartment. So I said, good. Now take a piece of paper and write that you are so happy and grateful now that you own a beautiful apartment and live there with your daughter. She looked at me weirdly, but still did it. Then she asked – now what? I said: now you put a deadline. 10 years? – she asked and I smiled and said: No. Ten years will not scare you. Let us make it three. She jumped and said: Are you crazy? I am not writing that down! After a while, she did write it and the logical question appeared – now what? Now, I want you to put this piece of paper in your wallet and look at it every single day with intention of having your own place.

Long story short, she made me a logo for Mind Guide, and some time passed. We did not ever talk about this again. Few months ago, I got picture in my inbox. Picture of the door. Her new door. The one you see here in the blog. I called her immediately. She answered with a smile: yes? and I said: look, I know this is what I do and I believe 100% in this, but it has been only 2 years! you have to tell me in your own words – how did you do it?

She laughed and said: well, remember the night you told me to write my wish on a card? the moment I wrote a deadline on it, it became real and I got super scared. But then the next day I looked at the card again, and then again. And something weird started to happen. I started to think about how to reach the goal of having my own place. I changed the way I think, started to choose my work more carefully, put money aside. Then she told me bunch of other things that happened along the way and ended the story of how she got enough money to buy her own place for her and her daughter. And the best part: She did it all by herself. She changed her self-image, had a clear goal and changed her paradigms to get there.

Recently I contacted her again. I told her I am gonna write up this story and asked her to share some words with anyone that would like to do the same. And I want to finish this one with her words, because there is nothing more left to be said – Focus, focus, focus. Only if focus is clear and strong, it is possible to find and see possibilities that lead you to your goal.

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Change is inevitable, but personal growth is a choice. – Bob Proctor

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