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TIR allowed me to take ownership of my personal development journey


This is a full interview with one of my clients, Mundia Moola Büsser, Manager at EY Zurich. I have chosen Mundia because of her unbelievable commitment not only to the program, but to everything she does, amazing energy she brings and, last but not least, she is one of the kindest souls I have ever met.

Dear Mundia, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to have this interview with me. Could you tell me something about yourself – who you are and what do you do?
It is my absolute pleasure and thank you for asking me. I am a person that loves to bring energy and enthusiasm in the things that I chose to do and to the people that I chose to surround myself with. I am also a wife, mom to two wonderful girls, lifelong learner, fitness and health enthusiast and recently qualified CrossFit L1 Trainer.
How did you hear about me and Thinking Into Results?
I heard about it through a mutual friend who introduced me to you, who became my TIR Coach.
If you remember, we talked many months before you finally decided to start working with me. What was the deciding factor to go through with the program?
At the time, we talked months before I started the program – I wasn’t in the right head space for the program, in the sense that I could not commit to the required time and financial investment. If I was going to sign up for a program like this I need to be fully committed. When I decided to be fully committed I signed up.
What did TIR bring to you, as wife, mum, manager in corporate?
TIR brought and continues to bring so much to me. It contributes greatly to all the roles that I play, some of those you mentioned and more. TIR allowed me to take ownership of my personal development journey and how I can bring and give my best in all areas of my life.
What were your biggest challenges during the program?
That’s a tough on because each day I looked forward to the program. However, while travelling for work sometimes, keeping up with the evening exercises was challenging. I had some late nights where I fell as sleep while listening or writing.
Being a TIR graduate, do you feel you are still benefiting from what you have learned and how?
Absolutely! I know I will be benefiting for the rest of my life. This is not a one time 6 month program and then it’s the end. It is actually only the beginning. When you fully commit to the program you will realise from the first chapter that you have begun a journey for life. When ever I encounter a challenge whether it be at home, work, in a relationship or in the gym I know how to approach it better with the TIR principles and reach a positive outcome.
What would you say to someone saying they do not have time (or money) to go through a serious development program?
Programs like TIR help us to realise and understand the limitations that we put on ourselves that we are not always aware of. It helps us realise that we can ultimately live the lives we want and desire. Once you apply the principles consistently and experience the results unfold you will appreciate that the return on investment on the time and money has an immeasurable payback for the rest of your life. If you really don’t have the money, work on a flexible payment plan with your coach and as for the time, make it!
Who would you recommend to go through TIR and why?
Anyone and everyone who has a growth mindset and is seeking guidance in the personal development realm. I would recommend it because we are not always able to structure our understand growth and development in a way that is simple, effective and applicable
For the very end, is there any other message you would like to share?
Be a lifelong learner, find out what gives you energy and do that often. Regarding the program specifically, be openminded, receptive and do not expect results without your full effort and commitment. Continuously invest in your personal development and if you don’t know where to start, programs like Thinking Into Results is a great place.

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