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Who is your mentor?


Mentors in your life come in different forms. Sometimes you recognize them instantly, sometimes the relationship will develop only after some time. With some you will understand they have been mentoring you only once they are already gone. However one thing is mutual for all of them. They somehow walked your path before you. This is what term Sensei (known in martial arts) means.

Let me tell you something about my mentors. There was that initial connection with all of them. You know when someone looks at you, and you wish you could see yourself with their eyes, because it seems that they seeso much more in you than you see yourself?! That is how I felt every time and with every one of them.

One of them was kicking my ass three times per week in training, trying to get my ego down. My ego hated him, but I appreciated every second I spent training with him. One of them threw me out of the classroom multiple times cause I didn’t know the right answers to his questions. Guess what? After three times, I came into classroom prepared. And I knew material better than anyone. One took me under her wing to work in the same dental office. Laughed out loud when I almost fainted while assisting her on my first oral surgery procedure. But she was there to see me doing next surgery with a smile.

I had hundreds of coffees with them. Hundreds of hours spent listening their advice. They taught me how to train, how to behave, how to be a good doctor, passionate coach, how to be good human being. They shared their time, their knowledge, their love and affection. Personal life stories. They shared themselves with me. And I grew so much in the process.

Every moment I spent with them was a blessing, because they saw the best in me and did their best to make me realize I am more than I think I was.

If I look at my time in coaching, I see many people that go through all this material themselves and some of them really make it. But many never succeed. The main reason is that only with someone being your guiding hand you can achieve so much.

Imagine how far the bug goes. Now imagine the same bug holding on to a galloping horse’s tail. Goes far, doesn’t it? So, do yourself a favour and go find a mentor.

Because even the greatest Bob Proctor says: “If you want to win in a big way, you need a mentor.” 

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Change is inevitable, but personal growth is a choice. – Bob Proctor

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