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Will coaching work for me?


Any coach will get asked questions on whether or not the program works, the possible negative results, how to choose the right coach, etc.

For all of you wondering whether to start a coaching program in personal development, whether it’s Thinking into Results or another program, let me answer your queries both as a coach and a participant.

Does it really work? This will partially depend on the coach, then on the program, but never underestimate your power in this process. It all depends on how solid is your will to change something in your life. Are you just interested in changing something or are you committed? The difference between interest and commitment is crucial here. This is the first thing you have to answer yourself before starting anything. Be honest with yourself and then with the coach you decided to work with.

Let us assume you decided to invest your time and money into improving your life. This is the first and the most important step. Nothing will move from this point unless you clearly decide that improving your life is what you WANT more than anything.

Let us look at the second question. Are there negative results? It depends on the time frame you take. Look at a person who tried to improve 58 different times and succeeded on the 59th try. If you cut the time frame and look at the 57th try, you would for sure say the results are negative. But if you look after 59th try, you would say “wow, he/she really made it!” In retroperspective, what seems to be a medium term failure can easily become a path to long-term success. I’ve always used this advice for myself and people around me: the story is not over until you win. Everything else is a lesson on the road.

Are there people that are struggling with the program? Of course there are! Changing paradigms is such a difficult job! I can tell you this first hand! Every time I went through the program myself, there’ve been periods when I wanted to quit. And in that sense, having a coach who believes in you even after you start losing faith is the most important thing. But it is not only about having the good coach, but also about trusting them, as well as trusting the process and persevering until you win.

A word about coaches: most of us become coaches because we want to help people out. What we mostly care about is mission before commission. And when you choose your coach, I recommend that you get to know them, ask them questions. Try to feel how you fit together and feel their motivation. I usually give a free consulting hour for anyone interested in the program. If I feel I can help in one session, I do not even go further, I just finish there. I give people a chance to get to know me, my motivation for helping others and let them decide without investing anything but an hour of their time.

In the end, if you are thinking about it, you should do something about it. You will feel better by only trying and make even one small step in the direction of your wishes. And one small step today might mean a whole lot in the future. Good luck!

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