Melt the paradigm

If you live in Switzerland, the only thing you think of melting is cheese. If you have my stomach, you avoid that fun activity altogether. The only fondue I indulge in as my guilty pleasure is the chocolate one. However, there is another thing that can melt away and that is formation of new paradigm. […]

First time I met Bob

The year was 2012. I was in a job I did not like, leading a life I did not want, and my future (our childhood dreams) seemed very far away somehow. By that time I had already been introduced to the idea that we could change things in our lives regardless of our current circumstances. […]

Will coaching work for me?

Any coach will get asked questions on whether or not the program works, the possible negative results, how to choose the right coach, etc. For all of you wondering whether to start a coaching program in personal development, whether it’s Thinking into Results or another program, let me answer your queries both as a coach […]

Certain way of doing things

Throughout my life, I have met several men and women that were the living proof of to me the law of Wallace D. Wattles. You do not get rich by doing certain things; you get rich by doing things a certain way. I will now focus on two of the influences that I believe shaped […]

The power of Basics

The power of repeating basics is something that is very much appreciated by professionals and in the same time very much underestimated by amateurs. In martial arts, for example, masters of the skill spend years practicing basic movements in order to acquire them in their subconscious and get them to become a natural part of […]