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Do you have your space?


If you ever went to see a theatre play, you observe relations between characters through time and space. You see different scenes and different times and you get the storyline. In real life, we do the same – space and time are two dimensions that determine our perception of reality.

Being a martial artist gives me often a chance to experience how time and space are two important dimensions when it comes to survival. Your head moves too slow, you get the hit. You do not control the space, someone else takes it. In this particular blog, I will focus only on the space and how much it contributes our feeling of either joy or anxiety.

Inside the work environment having enough space does not mean only having your own office. Imagine your boss micromanages every step you take. He is taking your space away and you feel uncomfortable. Same works for relationships. Two of you can have 4-bedroom apartment. If he calls you constantly and asks about every move you make, he is taking your space.

When Bob speaks on responding vs. reacting, that means exactly taking step back, assessing your options and seeing where the space is. Unlike martial arts where taking step back and assessing situation might get your ass kicked (if you do not do it fast enough), here you can safely take a step back and choose your next move. For person reacting there are not many options then to act automatically. For person responding, options are limitless.

Once you learn this, you will start seeing space everywhere, in your relationship, work, life. And it will cause you to feel peace. Because taking control of your own space means taking control of your own life. And let me just finish with a fun fact. Overview Effect happens with every astronaut who sees the Earth from the space and comes to see that there are no limits, in space or on earth. This knowledge makes one calmer, confident and peaceful. And it should make you too.

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