Black belt and the Oscar speech

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak in front of EY employees on the topic of Self-image. Of course, in 20 minutes you cannot cover everything on the topic, however certain strong points were emphasized also in the Q&A section of the event. But there was a part that I did not speak about. It […]

On Integrity

I come from a line of strong, powerful women. My grandmother brought up her siblings after her own mother died very young, and she married a man from a poor family even though this was almost impossible in those days. To paint this picture better, her own father slapped her on the face once he […]

On Disappointment

“What you decide to do with your disappointment will determine whether you are good or evil”. I do not know the author. But it makes lot of sense. Word disappointment literally means to be “removed from the office”. It brings with it a feeling of an outcome that we did not expect and more important, […]

Being content vs being grateful

A good friend told me recently: “You know, maybe my boyfriend is right. Maybe I should just relax and enjoy life instead of constantly pursuing different goals.” I thought about what she said for a while. You have been for sure faced with the same dilemma before: Being happy with what you currently have or staying hungry […]

Who do you work for?

In one of his famous speeches, Jack Ma, co-founder of Alibaba, said: “when you are young, work in a small company. In big companies you learn processes. In small companies you learn visions, dreams.” When I look back, I realize I was lucky to have always been working for small companies. I worked in family dental practices. […]

Who is your mentor?

Mentors in your life come in different forms. Sometimes you recognize them instantly, sometimes the relationship will develop only after some time. With some you will understand they have been mentoring you only once they are already gone. However one thing is mutual for all of them. They somehow walked your path before you. This […]

Pam Grout: Joy is our natural state

Here is the full interview with New York times best selling author, Pam Grout. (for the ones who are interested in Pam, here is link to my previous blog about her. Ana: Pam, we’ve met in 2014. in your first ever 2 day workshop in Bern, so I decided this would be a good start for our talk. […]

Do you have your space?

If you ever went to see a theatre play, you observe relations between characters through time and space. You see different scenes and different times and you get the storyline. In real life, we do the same – space and time are two dimensions that determine our perception of reality. Being a martial artist gives […]


Recently I came across the studies done by John Cacioppo, Ph.D., at Ohio State University. He showed that the brain reacts more strongly to stimuli it perceives as negative. There is a greater surge in electrical activity. That means our attitudes are more heavily influenced by bad than the good news. Why is that important? […]

How I met Pam Grout

Since I am preparing an interview with a Pam Grout (you know Pam for sure, she is a New York times best selling author, wrote E-squared, E-cubed and Thank and Grow Rich), I will give you here a small background of how I got to know her in the first place. Year was 2015, February. […]