A truck, football and the Acre of Diamonds

It will come as no surprise that me deciding to study dentistry was not a “burning” childhood desire. Especially since I always hated both the dentist and the smell of a dental office. But spending my time winding transformers in my father’s garage gave me an idea that in dentistry I would be working with […]

What makes “Beginner with a Black Belt” a great read?

When I published “Beginner With a Black Belt” I was certain that nobody (other than some martial artists) would want read it because of the title. Boy, was I wrong. So I asked the people what makes it such a great read. These are the 5 reasons readers say this book became their favourite read: […]

What is your teddy bear?

While finishing my first book, it is fairly difficult to keep enough motivation for writing a blog. Yet today I was working on willingness chapter and a story from my childhood came to my mind so I decided to share it. When I was a child I had a habit of thumb sucking even though […]

Does your life belong to you?

Born and raised in Eastern Europe and living my life in Western Europe, it always astounded me how different we perceive life, love and belonging and how from all these different views we still make exact same mistakes. If you are born in eastern Europe, from the very early age you are raised that your […]

Feeling stuck

The best thing about my professional career is that I get to meet a lot of great people. If you are even a little bit into any business, you probably understand that business is all about people and the relationships between them. My job in a corporate environment and my job as a coach are […]

TIR allowed me to take ownership of my personal development journey

This is a full interview with one of my clients, Mundia Moola Büsser, Manager at EY Zurich. I have chosen Mundia because of her unbelievable commitment not only to the program, but to everything she does, amazing energy she brings and, last but not least, she is one of the kindest souls I have ever […]

It is not about winning, it is about not losing

Since I moved to Switzerland, my training is 50km away from my house, so I go to the dojo only on Sundays. I always joke with my friends: people go to church on Sunday and I guess my dojo is (in some way) my church. We anyway bow and show respect when we go in […]

It is not about what you want

When we work with clients in goal-setting we usually encounter two types of people. The ones who need to learn that they are enough. That they already posses the capacity to go for what they want, even though it seems (to them) they don’t have what it takes. With them usually we explain why in […]

The power of Focus

When I was starting my coaching business I needed a name and logo for what I would be doing. And I had a friend, a graphic designer, whom I contacted and asked to help me out with the logo design. Good friend as she is (and good professional as well), she started asking what my […]

De-crowning your circumstances

Some four years ago I was already working in a dental company I still work for today. It was my first year and it was not easy adapting to the new environment and for sure my Serbian mentality did not help much. It was already 6 months after I realised that CEO and myself do […]